Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor

Dr Veronica Taylor

School of Regulation & Global Governance (RegNet)

Teaching Profile

I teach REGN8001/REGN9076 Methods in Crime, Justice and Regulation; REGN8011 Reforming Law and Justice in Asia and the Pacific and LAWS4266 International Arbitration and Negotiation. Over my career, I have taught courses in Asian and comparative law, Japanese Studies, Regulation, Commercial Contracting and Dispute Resolution.

Teaching Thoughts

I’m a socio-legal scholar teaching in the interdisciplinary fields of regulation and development. All of my teaching is influenced by connections with practitioners – in government, law, development, and business. I’m stimulated (and a little overwhelmed) by how much regulatory theory and empirical studies can contribute to solving complex social questions, here and in Asia and the Pacific. Teaching is a venue where we can start to sketch out the answers collaboratively, and persuade really bright people to test and challenge and operationalize our research insights.

The most important/transformative thing I have to share with my peers is relinquishing control. I recognize my tendencies toward perfectionism, control, and the desire to teach by ‘filling up’ people with my knowledge and experience.  The real breakthrough in learning, though,  comes when people reach realization for themselves. So as a teacher,  I co-teach all my courses (sometimes with my former students) and try to provide encouragement and plenty of space for my colleagues and students to lead and to experiment.  It’s easy to say and hard to do.

Contact Details:

Name: Prof Veronica Taylor
School: School of Regulation & Global Governance (RegNet)
College: ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Phone: (02) 6125 7064