Umut Ozguc

Dr Umut Ozguc

Dr Umut Ozguc

Strategic and Defence Studies Centre

Teaching Profile

I am a lecturer and a tutor in Coral Bell School at the College of Asia and the Pacific. I work in the areas of Security Studies, Border Politics, and Social Movements. I have taught introductory and upper-level courses. I teach Introduction to Security Studies, Coping with Crisis, and Human Security. I also have an expertise in International Relations Theory and Qualitative Research Methods.

Teaching Thoughts

My teaching philosophy is guided by student-oriented teaching strategies. I help students develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and independent views on the subject area. Critical thinking is embedded in the way I convene tutorials and lectures, which are based on discussions and collaborative learning. I encourage students to rethink established ideas and perspectives in Security Studies and International Relations, and to find their ‘critical spirits’. What inspires me to most is ANU students’ motivation for pushing the boundaries of knowledge. At ANU, students’ desire to contribute to societal transformation drives curriculum and teaching design. It is my blue-sky vision for the future teaching at ANU that we develop collective curriculum in which students can take more proactive roles in course design. Active student involvement in curriculum design would make all voices visible in our courses and classes.

I have a particular interest and an expertise in teaching first-year undergraduate students. I am always happy to share my experience in this area with my peers.  Teaching introductory courses is challenging and but the most rewarding. It requires adopting bold and creative teaching strategies. Using narratives and visual techniques stimulate students’ interests particularly in abstract concepts and theories. Teaching first-year students also requires giving constructive in-depth feedback and pastoral care. Throughout years, I have learnt from students how ‘empathic listening’ that hears students’ specific needs and expectations makes a difference in their learning journeys and shapes their initial perceptions of the discipline.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Umut Ozguc
School: Coral Bell School
College: College of Asia and the Pacific  (CAP)
Department: International Relations
Phone: 0403 287 325