Tim Hassall

Tim Hassal

Tim Hassal

Senior Lecturer, Indonesian

Teaching Profile

I teach Indonesian core and option language courses. I teach INDN2002 Indonesian 3, INDN2003 Indonesian 4, INDN3002 Indonesian 5 and INDN3003 Indonesian 6. As option courses I teach INDN3015 Advanced Indonesian: Translation into English and INDN3104 Advanced Indonesian: History and Development of the Language.

Teaching Thoughts

What inspires and motivates me to teach is my intrinsic love of languages. Natural languages are a thing of beauty; they’re extraordinary creations of the human mind. And that makes language learning a wonderful way to spend your time. When I’m teaching students, I feel we’re spending our time together in the best possible way. I would like to see a wide array of languages on offer, with each one taught differently, and all of them taught superbly. I’d like to know that whatever language course you’re doing at ANU, it will be designed clearly, simply and logically, you’ll know exactly what’s required of you, you’ll do highly varied activities, and the value of every activity will be obvious to you. That might sound a mundane vision: but actually, it’s a recipe for excited students. Give students a language course like that and they’ll be thrilled by their own progress.

I would like to share a strong understanding of the principles of language course design and language teaching methodology. I’ve had a sound formal training in those principles, and I’ve combined that training with many years of language teaching, both Indonesian and English as a second language. So I think I can help teachers who would like to discuss their options for good ways they might tackle their own courses.

Contact Details:

Name: Tim Hassal
School: Culture, History and Language
College: College of Asia & the Pacific
Department: South and Southeast Asia
Email: timothy.hassall@anu.edu.au
Phone: (02) 6125 3184 (email preferred)