Sverre Molland

Sverre Molland

Dr Sverre Molland

Lecturer in Anthropology (Development Studies)

Teaching Profile

I teach ANTH8019: Social Analysis and Community Politics, ANTH2310 Terror and Violence and ANTH8042 Migration, Refugees and Development. My research and teaching interests cover the intersection between migration, development and security in mainland Southeast Asia.

Teaching Thoughts

I do believe in academic research’s ability to transform. I recall when I was myself an undergraduate student walking out of lectures feeling motivated and thinking “wow- I have never thought about the world in these terms before!”. The ability to use academic teaching to make people look at the world with fresh eyes is something that I aspire to do as a lecturer.

I draw commonly on my previous work background working for the UN in my teaching (especially development studies), which both allows inspiration but also (importantly) critique of governance processes

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Sverre Molland
School: School of Archaeology and Anthropology - Research School of Humanities & the Arts
College: College of Arts & Social Science
Phone: 02 6125 1382