Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson

Lecturer National Security College, Crawford School

Teaching Profile

I am an historian and I teach NSPO8018: National Security Policy since 1945 and NSPO8028: History and Policymaking.  Additionally, I convene the sub-thesis writing course for our Master’s students.

Teaching Thoughts

I am keen to expand the teaching of my discipline (history) at ANU campus.  I believe there are many more areas to be explored within the teaching of history that needs to be offered to students.  I believe history can be successfully taught alongside other disciplines in multi-disciplinary degrees in addition to traditional history degrees. How to motivate students to learn.  My students often comment on my enthusiasm for my discipline that has motived them.  From my perspective, I believe in finding the best out of students and tapping into their interests.

Contact Details:

Name: Sue Thompson
School: Crawford School
College: Asia and the Pacific (CAP)
Department: National Security College