Solene Inceoglu

Solene Inceoglu

Solene Inceoglu

Dr Solene Inceoglu

French Lecturer

Teaching Profile

I am a Lecturer in French and teach FREN3010 and FREN3011 (Advanced French I and II), FREN3515 (The Sounds of French: Phonetics and Pronunciation) and FREN2021 (The French Language in Space and Time). In the past, I have taught all levels of French to a wide range of learners (undergrads, adults, children, and toddlers) and applied linguistics courses (Second Language Acquisition, and Methodology of Teaching Languages).

Teaching Thoughts

I am an applied linguist specialized in Second Language Acquisition and one of my areas of research is second/foreign language pedagogy. Therefore, I do not only teach languages, but I also conduct research related to the teaching of languages, especially the teaching of pronunciation, the effectiveness of instruction, and foreign language classroom interaction. The connection and overlap between my research expertise and my teaching mean that I am very confident in the knowledge of the subject I teach (my native language, French) and in how I teach it. Learning a second language is for most people a journey full of discoveries, challenges, joys, but also frustrations. My role as a teacher is to guide students along their individual journeys by motivating them and using both my teaching and research experience to facilitate their learning.

My teaching strategies vary according to the courses I teach, but I always strive to include as much (audio)-visual support as possible to engage students with the material, facilitate understanding, and promote learning. A large part of communication is non-verbal and visual aids, in a broad sense, have long been recognized as beneficial in (language) teaching. This point is also central to my own research on teacher gesture in the language classroom (Inceoglu, 2015), textual enhancement (Loewen & Inceoglu, 2016), and the role of visual information in second language speech perception (Inceoglu, 2015, 2016). In practice this means that I never hide behind a computer but instead make sure to move around so my face and hand gestures are visible to all the students, I use different colour markers when I write on the board to enhance clarity or draw attention to differences, and I use speech analysis software and ultra-sound in my pronunciation course so students can visualize their speech and enhance their learning.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Solene Inceoglu
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
School: School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics