Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennet

A/Prof Samantha Bennet

Associate Professor of Music

Teaching Profile

I teach MUSI2209/6209 Music Recording and Production Techniques; MUSI3318/6008 Sound Archiving; MUSI3309/6009 Music and Digital Media; and, MUSI3317/6006 Popular Music in Culture and in Context.

Teaching Thoughts

75% of music is produced, distributed and consumed online. After more than 30 years of digital audio, modes of music production and consumption have multiple ramifications for today’s musician. In order for music to be produced and disseminated via the Internet it has to involve some form of digital recording. To that end, quality sound recording and production is essential for the 21st Century musician. I am committed to inspiring students to know, understand and navigate today’s – and tomorrow’s – musical sphere by instilling them with confidence in their recording and production activities and a high level of digital audio literacy. Both teaching and learning are more productive, fun and rewarding where there is a mutually shared passion for the subject. My role is to ensure I motivate, inspire and encourage that passion in as many music students as possible!

As facilitators of learning, it is our role to ensure the most inclusive, encouraging and positive student experience possible.

Contact Details:

Name: A/Prof Samantha Bennet
School: School of Music
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: (02) 6125 5761