Robert Cribb


Prof Robert Cribb

Prof History. Department of Political Science and Social Change

Teaching Profile

I teach ASIA1999 The Origins of Political Order in Asia and ASIA2045/6145 Lies, Conspiracy and Propaganda. I have broad interests in Asian history (especially Southeast Asia and most especially Indonesia). I have also taught historical theory and method.

Teaching Thoughts

History is both one of the most important ways by which we understand our place in the world and a source of great insight into the ways in which society works. History shows us what may be possible and what is not achievable. As an empirical discipline, history is unparalleled in the rigour with which it investigates evidence of the past.

As students are diverse in their needs, interests and capacities, good teaching practice is therefore diverse in practice, not one-size-fits-all. The great advantage of lecturing over other forms of instruction is the opportunity that it provides for changing register to cope with intellectual diversity. Students respond well to being challenged to excel.

Contact Details:

Name: Prof Robert Cribb
School: Coral Bell
Department: Political Science and Social Change
College: College of Asia & the Pacific
Phone: 0449 885 657