Phan Le

Phan Le

Phan Le


Teaching Profile

I teach IDEC8016 Microeconomic Analysis and Policy, IDEC8012 Monetary Policy and Central Banking in the Asia Pacific and IDEC8026 Quantitative Policy Impact Evaluation. I also have expertise in mathematics for economics and Vietnam, my home country that I would love to share with others.

Teaching Thoughts

I feel that the way economics is taught today does not truly inspire students’ curiosity in the subject, and am motivated to improve the teaching of this important discipline. My blue-sky vision for the future of economics teaching at ANU is two-fold. First, there should be more courses on the history of economic thoughts and the different schools of economics, such as Austrian, Keynesian, neo-classical, institution or Marxist. Second, economics teachers should not treat students as “vessels that need filling”, but rather “woods that need igniting”. More student-centred discussions on the real-world applications of economic ideas and critiques from other disciplines would kindle students’ curiosity and facilitate their learning. Students should find learning a joyful and memorable journey. In economics, this means adding more of the ‘social’ dimension to the teaching of this important social science.

Contact Details:

Name: Phan Le
School: Crawford School of Public Policy
College: Asia and the Pacific (CAP)
Department: Arndt-Corden Department of Economics
Phone: 0452 638 689