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Edward Aspinall

Prof Edward Aspinall


I teach POLS8019 Democracy and its Discontents and INTR8040 Ethnicity and Conflict in Asia and the Pacific, and sometimes courses on Indonesian... Read more

Alison Behie

Dr Alison Behie

Acting Director, South Asia Research Institute

I am a Biological Anthropologist, and although currently on a DECRA Fellowship have taught across all areas of behaviour and evolution...Read more

Shameem Black

Dr Shameem Black

Acting Director, South Asia Research Institute

My fields of teaching experience lie in interdisciplinary Asian studies, gender and cultural studies, literary studies, and South Asian studies...Read more

Leslie Barnes

Dr Leslie Barnes

Senior lecturer and convenor of the French Studies program

I teach French language and contemporary French and francophone literature and film. My geographic interest...Read more

Samantha Bennet

A/Prof Samantha Bennett


I teach MUSI2209/6209 Music Recording and Production Techniques; MUSI3318/6008 Sound Archiving; MUSI3309/6009 Music and Digital Media...Read more

John Blaxland

Prof John Blaxland


I teach STST3003: Honeypots and Overcoats – Australian Intelligence in the World. I am also an occasional lecturer on military history, and Southeast...Read more

Nicholas Brown

Prof Nicholas Brown

Professor of History

I currently teach HIST1214 ‘Clash of Empires: 1450 to the Present’ HIST2136 ‘World at War; 1929-1945’ and ECHI1006 ‘The Australian Economy...Read more

Dr Ashley carruthers

Dr Ashley carruthers


Our teaching, above and beyond our research, is our chance to change the world. We have the chance to contribute to shaping the worldviews...Read more

Dr Aurore Chow

Dr Aurore Chow

Academic skills, teaching and learning

Academic skills, teaching and learning...Read more

Deborah Cleland

Dr Deborah Cleland


I teach Qualitative Methods, as applied to environmental and regulatory studies. In addition, I have taught foundational geography, and have an interest/expertise...Read more


Prof Robert Cribb

Prof History

I teach ASIA1999 The Origins of Political Order in Asia and ASIA2045/6145 Lies, Conspiracy and Propaganda. I have broad interests in Asian history...Read more

Kim Cunio

Dr Kim Cunio

Senior Lecturer in composition & Musicology Convenor

I teach in the areas of music composition and musicology but have taught in all aspects of music and many of the creative arts in my career...Read more

Dr Mathew Davies

Head, Department of International Relations

I teach INTR2028 Regionalism, Rights and Order in Southeast Asia and INTR8011, International Relations Theory. I’m inspired by the possibilities that teaching provides me...Read more

Creina day

A/Prof Creina Day

Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Education

I teach IDEC8008 “Open Economy Macroeconomics Finance and Development” and IDEC8002 “Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy”...Read more

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero

Lecturer (Spanish)

I teach Spanish language and linguistics subjects (second-year Spanish, pronunciation, history of the Spanish language) and linguistics...Read more

Christian Downie

Dr Christian Downie

Research Fellow in Regulation and Governance

I teach REGN8052/9052 Regulation and Governance. I have an interest in global governance especially in relation to climate and energy policy...Read more

Kate Flaherty

Dr Kate Flaherty

Senior Lecturer in English and Drama

I teach courses in English literature from first-year to postgrad with a focus on drama. My study of Shakespeare’s playhouse fuels my ongoing...Read more

Catherine Frieman

Dr Catherine frieman

Senior Lecturer in European Archaeology

I am currently a DECRA fellow and my sole teaching is Arch2055: Archaeological field school. Since 2012, I have taught Arch1111: Uncovering...Read more

Charlotte Galloway

Dr Charlotte Galloway

Senior Lecturer- Art History

I convene courses in Asian and Southeast Asian art and culture at UG and PG level including an in-country course ARTH2014/6104, taking students to Myanmar...Read more

Luke Glanville

Dr Luke Glanville

Fellow, Dept of International Relations

I teach several graduate courses as part of ANU's Master of International Relations, including Evolution of the International...Read more

Carol Hayes

A/Prof Carol Hayes


My teaching ranges from literature and cultural studies to Japanese language courses. I currently teach JPNS2012 Japanese 3...Read more

Tim Hassal

Dr Tim Hassal

Senior Lecturer, Indonesian

I teach Indonesian core and option language courses. I teach INDN2002 Indonesian 3, INDN2003 Indonesian 4, INDN3002 Indonesian 5...Read more

Solene Inceoglu

Dr Solene Inceoglu

French Lecturer

I am a Lecturer in French and teach FREN3010 and FREN3011 (Advanced French I and II), FREN3515...Read more

Gemma King

Dr Gemma King

Lecturer in French Studies

I am a Lecturer in French Studies and teach FREN3006 and FREN3007 (Intermediate French I and II), FREN3107 (Current Affairs and the French...)Read more

Phan Le

Dr Phan Le

Crawford School of Public Policy

I teach IDEC8016 Microeconomic Analysis and Policy, IDEC8012 Monetary Policy and Central Banking in the Asia Pacific and IDEC8026 Quantitative...Read more

Stephen Loy

Dr Stephen Loy

Lecturer, School of Music

As a musicologist at the School of Music, I have taught courses in music theory and analysis, music history, and cultural studies in music...Read more

Dr Daniel Martin

Dr Daniel Martin

Associate Professor in Spanish

I teach intermediate and advanced Spanish language courses and thematic courses. Over the years I taught at all levels of Spanish courses and developed...Read more

Professor Warwick J. McKibbin

Prof Warwick McKibbin

Vice Chancellor’s Chair in Public Policy and Director, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA)

I teach IDEC8127 “Modelling the Global Economy: Techniques and Policy Implications” and I coordinate IDEC8030...Read more

Sverre Molland

Dr Sverre Molland

Lecturer in Anthropology (Development Studies)

I teach ANTH8019: Social Analysis and Community Politics, ANTH2310 Terror and Violence and ANTH8042 Migration, Refugees and Development...Read more

Umut Ozguc

Dr Umut Ozguc

Lecturer and Researcher in Security Studies

I am a lecturer and a tutor in Coral Bell School at the College of Asia and the Pacific. I work in the areas of Security Studies, Border Politics, and Social Movements...Read more

Susanna Scarparo

A/Prof Susanna Scarparo

CASS Associate Dean (Student Experience)

I teach Italian cinema and Italian language in conjunction with Italian political, cultural and social life. I have been an educator for over twenty years. Since my early work as a sessional tutor...Read more

Gavin Smith

Dr Gavin Smith

Associate Professor & Deputy Head, ANU School of Sociology

I teach SOCY2043: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods; SOCY2157/6064: Surveillance and Society; and CRIM2003/6003: Controversies in Crime...Read more

Veronica Taylor

Prof Veronica Taylor

Director of Education and Professor of Law and RĂŠgulation

I teach REGN8001/REGN9076 Methods in Crime, Justice and Regulation; REGN8011 Reforming Law and Justice in Asia and the Pacific and LAWS4266...Read more

Sue Thompson

Dr Sue Thompson


I am an historian and I teach NSPO8018: National Security Policy since 1945 and NSPO8028: History and Policymaking.  Additionally, I convene the sub-thesis writing course...Read more

Joanne Wallis

Dr Joanne Wallis


I teach STST1001 Introduction to International Security Studies. When not on teaching buyout, I also usually teach STST2003 Australia and Security in the Pacific Islands...Read more