Mathew Davies

Mathew Davies

Mathew Davies

Head, Department of International Relations

Teaching Profile

I teach INTR2028 Regionalism, Rights and Order in Southeast Asia and INTR8011, International Relations Theory.

Teaching Thoughts

I’m inspired by the possibilities that teaching provides me. Not only does it always enhance my understanding of the topics I teach but it plays a really important part in what I consider my ethical role as an academic in society. I think the ANU plays a particularly important role in providing both Australia and the region with knowledgeable, self-aware and empathetic citizens. We cannot, and should not, be telling these students what to think but I am always clear when teaching that I hope to equip them with the ability, when the time comes for them, to make mature decisions for themselves.
The most important thing I would share from my own teaching experience is that often students are far more conservative in their expectations of education than you think. Despite what is often claimed, in my experience, they overwhelmingly want traditionally delivered lectures, the traditional opportunity to sink into the background and a traditional essay-based assessment system. The trick, for me, is in finding out how to update these expectations in a way that doesn’t overly confront students whilst also making sure the course delivers on its learning goals and my own expectations.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Mathew Davies
School: Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
College: CAP
Department: Department of International Relations
Contact Email:
Contact Telephone: (02) 6125 7652