Manuel Delicado Cantero

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero

Lecturer (Spanish)

Teaching Profile

I teach Spanish language and linguistics subjects (second-year Spanish, pronunciation, history of the Spanish language) and linguistics (formal syntax, syntax and morphology of the English language).

Teaching Thoughts

I have been teaching at the university level since 2004, first in the US and since 2010 in Australia. Throughout these years, I have modified my approach to teaching through hands-on experience and research. My teaching philosophy revolves around aspects such as promoting active and resourceful learning, developing realistic goals, assessment and feedback, and helping students deal with frustration. Some specific examples of my current approach to teaching and learning:

  • The implementation of learner autonomy, moving away from memory-only exercises toward more integrated tasks where students need to use different skills and can gain more confidence in their own abilities to complete a task.
  • Resourcefulness. I believe that students should be encouraged to engage with resources outside of the class time, both at their own pace (e.g., self-selected homework) and in order to complete a piece of assessment (a research paper, etc.).
  • The implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.
  • The explicit teaching of pronunciation with achievable goals, both in monographic subjects and integrated across the language curriculum.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences