Luke Glanville

Luke Glanville

Luke Glanville

Fellow, Department of International Relations

Teaching Profile

I teach several graduate courses as part of ANU's Master of International Relations, including Evolution of the International System (INTR8046), The Responsibility to Protect (INTR8020), Ethics of Peace and War (INTR8053), and Writing International Relations (INTR8065).

Teaching Thoughts

I particularly appreciate the privilege to not only teaching students about the historical and contemporary politics of relations between states but also to help them grapple with the ethical dimensions of these relations. I consciously bring an ethical perspective into each of my courses, raising questions and offering ways of thinking about the rights and responsibilities of states and other actors in the face of historical and contemporary global injustices. One thing that I prioritize in my teaching is the cultivation of a teaching environment where as many students as possible feel comfortable and confident to express their opinions, to disagree with me and each other, and to test out ideas and arguments that may be underdeveloped or unconventional.

Contact Details:

Name: Luke Glanville
School: Coral Bell School
College: College Asia Pacific (CAP)
Department: Department of International Relations