Kim Cunio

Kim Cunio

Kim Cunio

School of Music, College of Arts and Social Sciences

Teaching Profile

I teach in the areas of music composition and musicology but have taught in all aspects of music and many of the creative arts in my career. I also have an interest in all of CASS and area studies.

Teaching Thoughts

I feel that it is vital to the evolution of ourselves as scholars and thinkers that we teach a combination of scholastic rigour and cultural knowledge in all our courses. At ANU I want to teach students who can make superb creative works and have the ability to communicate the meanings of those works with great ability, as well as having people who can make sense of the complications of the world for others.

The most transformative advice I have to share with is that it is far more important to meet our students where they are rather than have the conceit of thinking of ourselves as being the champions of an academic standard.  Through inspiration, students will always make excellent work. At the highest level to engender it to our students, but this has to be communicated without an egoic attachment to our own work. Also, we need to demonstrate constant work.

Contact Details:

Name: Kim Cunio
School: School of Music
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: (02) 6125 1386