John Blaxland

John Blaxland

Prof John Blaxland

Director of Strategic and Defence Studies

Teaching Profile

I teach STST3003: Honeypots and Overcoats – Australian Intelligence in the World. I am also an occasional lecturer on military history, and Southeast Asian security affairs in the Military and Defence Studies Program as part of the Australian Command and Staff College, and on the Master of Strategic Studies course in the Bell School.

Teaching Thoughts

I derive immense satisfaction from lecturing about my life passions international security and intelligence studies. Seeing the eyes of students light up as they come to perceive something new that I have helped them come to understand is immensely fulfilling.  I want students to recognise how their learning can provide pathways to employment after their time at university, inspiring them courageously to explore avenues in ways they never thought possible.

Australia is going through a period of major strategic change. My vision is to be increasingly relevant for the growing security challenges through excellence in teaching. My teaching has been shaped by my life experience and my research and writing. Key has been (1) listening- to students, colleagues, mentors, (2) learning, from the research of myself and others; and (3) being passionate about what I do, sharing that enthusiasm and giving students a taste of how fulfilling the field can be.

Contact Details:

Name: John Blaxland
School: Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
College: CAP
Department: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Phone: (02) 6125 0932 or 0429 824 169