Joanne Wallis

Joanne Wallis

Joanne Wallis

Lecturer Strategic Studies and Defence Centre

Teaching Profile

I teach STST1001 Introduction to International Security Studies. When not on teaching buyout, I also usually teach STST2003 Australia and Security in the Pacific Islands.

Teaching Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoy my research, but my passion is teaching and learning. I bring that passion to my classes, where I am an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I create an environment where my students are excited to attend class and where my enthusiasm for the course material is infectious. I am lucky that I get to teach courses in which I am extremely interested, and in the case of STST2003, directly reflect my research. Even when I am teaching comparatively ‘dry’ conceptual material, I enliven it by illustrating its ‘real world’ application. I use entertaining examples, cartoons, pictures and stories and photos from my own fieldwork to reinforce the lecture material.

My philosophy is that teaching excellence should focus on both the process and outcomes of learning. In terms of process, I believe that curricula should teach students clear, over-arching conceptual frameworks that will enable them both to critically engage with the course material and to analyse new material in their later learning (and lives). In terms of outcomes, apart from students learning fundamental content, I believe that teaching should prepare students for further study or their professional aspirations. I help students develop transferable skills that will enable them to conduct life-long learning and to succeed in a professional context.

Contact Details:

Name: Joanne Wallis
School: Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
College: College of Asia and the Pacific
Department: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Phone: (02) 6125 9936