Gemma King

Gemma King

Dr Gemma King

Lecturer in French Studies

Teaching Profile

I am a Lecturer in French Studies and teach FREN3006 and FREN3007 (Intermediate French I and II), FREN3107 (Current Affairs and the French Press) and the intensive travel course FREN3012 (Global Paris: History, Culture and Identity in the French Capital). I am also a French cinema scholar and was involved in establishing the Screen Studies Major, and am interested in all areas of cinema/screen studies.

Teaching Thoughts

The modern language classroom is the ideal space in which to study how the one doing the talking is the one doing the learning. In every classroom, I am driven to create the most student-centred experience possible, focusing on the importance of adapting the study of language and culture to each individual cohort. Ultimately, my aim as a teacher is to foster an interactive and respectful learning environment and to transform the language learning process into a communicative and personalised experience in which individual student perspectives are always at the forefront.

The most important learning curve for me as an educator has been discovering teaching to be an opportunity for mutual learning and exchange. Effective teaching occurs not simply by talking at students, but by listening to them, and I have made the greatest progress in my teaching, mentorship and leadership when viewing the teacher/student relationship and the teaching/research division to be far more mutually informing than many would have us believe.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Gemma King
School: Literature, Languages and Linguistics
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: (02) 6125 9029