Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith

A/Prof Gavin Smith

Associate Professor & Deputy Head, ANU School of Sociology

Teaching Profile

I teach SOCY2043: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods; SOCY2157/6064: Surveillance and Society; and CRIM2003/6003: Controversies in Crime Control. Additionally, I also have interest/expertise in Social Theory, Social Research Methods and Sociology of Health which I am happy to share my knowledge of.

Teaching Thoughts

I am inspired by providing students with a new way of analysing, understanding and engaging with their personal lives and interrogating the broader social structures that animate social life and reality. My approach to teaching is to focus on contemporary or 'live' social issues and workshop various perspectives, conceptual frameworks and approaches with students. I believe in problem-orientated, student-led, project-based and collaborative learning.

The most transformative advice I have to share is to be passionate about your disciplines and knowledges, to use powerpoint less and to focus activities where students are actually learning intellectual, research and practical skills simultaneously: and crucially, sharing experiences and feedback. The key thing is to make learning environments collaborative and interactive and to develop their collective capacities 'to problematise' and 'to think otherwise'.

Contact Details:

Name: A/Prof Gavin J.D. Smith
School: Sociology
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: (02)6125 0323