Edward Aspinall

Edward Aspinall

Prof Edward Aspinall


Teaching Profile

I teach POLS8019 Democracy and its Discontents and INTR8040 Ethnicity and Conflict in Asia and the Pacific, and sometimes courses on Indonesian and Southeast Asian Politics.

Teaching Thoughts

I am inspired to teach about politics because doing so is a way to think through, and to help others think through, the big questions about the dramatic changes that are transforming our world. Questions like: What is driving the contemporary worldwide decline of democracy? Why do some countries experience protracted ethnic conflicts while others do not? Why do some civil wars end peacefully while others drag on for decades? I particularly enjoy helping students bring conflicting theories about political change to bear on real-world events, and with them to test and debate those theories in light of the conflicting evidence. Bringing big theories into dialogue with current events is what I enjoy most.

Major lessons I have learned: Think through problems as you teach. Don’t serve it all up on a plate to students. Pose puzzles you don’t know the answer to. Don’t be afraid to show you don’t know all the answers

Contact Details:

Name: Prof Edward Aspinall
School: Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
College: College of Asia and the Pacific
Department: Department of Political & Social Change
Email: edward.aspinall@anu.edu.au
Phone: (02) 6125 5915