Deborah Cleland

Deborah Cleland

Deborah Cleland

School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet)

Teaching Profile

I teach Qualitative Methods, as applied to environmental and regulatory studies. In addition, I have taught foundational geography, and have an interest/expertise in participatory natural resource management, development studies, Latin America and the Philippines.

Teaching Thoughts

Teaching brings me deep joy – in a world characterised by depletion and inequity, teaching does not leave anyone with less, but rather everyone with more. It creates a kind of synergy which is energising and uplifting – teaching is about working together, sharing and collaborating with colleagues and students to create genuinely inclusive learning communities. Ideally, students would come out of sustainability and development studies equipped not only with deep understanding but also with practical skills that enable them to work with others for collective solutions to local and global problems. My teaching practice has benefited immeasurably from co-learning and exchange through reflection and debrief with colleagues, and I look forward to continuing this as I expand my teaching and supervision roles in the future.

Contact Details:

Name: Deborah Cleland
School: Regnet School of Regulation and Global Governance
College: CAP
Phone: 0408 283 852