Creina Day

Creina day

A/Prof Creina Day

Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Education

Teaching Profile

I teach IDEC8008 “Open Economy Macroeconomics Finance and Development” and IDEC8002 “Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy”. I develop economic models to work on global policy and issues including economic demography, R&D-based growth and non-renewable resources.

Teaching Thoughts

I developed a teaching philosophy comprising the 3R’s of effective learning in post-graduate macroeconomics: Relevance, Research-led teaching and Reflective thinking. I engage students through real-world examples, curricula based on cutting-edge international research and reflective learning to consider how models relate to each other, emerging trends and policy.

I am inspired and motivated to help each student reach their full potential, enjoy their learning experience and gain confidence in relating what they learn to the real world and multiple disciplines. Enthusiasm and dedication to student learning ensure the continued success of teaching economics at ANU. Showing students how to master and apply macroeconomics imbues today’s students with the confidence to become tomorrow’s game-changers.

A few lines from a poem penned by an IDEC student say it best:

‘Pampered by supportive Creina Day
And, befriended by Greek letters
Albeit coming from diverse backgrounds
All is ONE and UNIFIED
To become our respected nations’ change agents’

Contact Details:

Name:  Creina Day
School: Crawford School of Public Policy
College: College of Asia & the Pacific
Department: Arndt-Corden Department of Economics
Phone: (02) 6125 2681