Charlotte Galloway

Charlotte Galloway

Dr Charlotte Galloway

Senior Lecturer- Art History

Teaching Profile

I convene courses in Asian and Southeast Asian art and culture at UG and PG level including an in-country course ARTH2014/6104, taking students to Myanmar, and I teach into our curatorial program. My broad research areas are Buddhist art and cultural heritage, and I am also very interested in approaches to research supervision and curriculum design.

Teaching Thoughts

There is such a gap between the number of people studying in my field and the number of people who live in Asia. Studying Asian history and society through visual culture relates the past and present to the tangible. If I could, I would take every one of our students on a study tour to Asia – the benefits of seeing objects in their cultural context and experiencing how these objects are used today can completely shift our attitudes and approaches to learning and research. At ANU we have great opportunities for collaboration across all disciplines engaged in Asia – I want to see teamwork with co-taught courses, research groups across disciplines and collaborative development of interdisciplinary approaches to student programs.

More recently, one of the most insightful moments related to my teaching has been feedback from students who came on my first study trip to Myanmar.  When discussing what was most significant for them after the trip, their strongest ‘learning experience’ was realising the gulf that exists between reading from text and looking at pictures and experiencing everything ‘first-hand’. Many remarked that they would never approach their study the same way again, as they acknowledged the limitations that traditional learning offers. While not every student has the opportunity to gain this type of experience, their feedback has shifted my expectations around student learning in my field.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Charlotte Galloway
School: School of Art and Design
College: College of Art & Social Sciences
Phone: (02) 6125  5107