Catherine Frieman

Catherine Frieman

Catherine Frieman

Senior Lecturer in European Archaeology

Teaching Profile

I am currently a DECRA fellow and my sole teaching is Arch2055: Archaeological field school. Since 2012, I have taught Arch1111: Uncovering Archaeology; Arch2002: British prehistory; Arch2006: History of Archaeology; Arch2058: European prehistory; Arch2052: Archaeology in film and fiction; Arch 3023: Archaeological Theory and Arch3029: Material culture and technology studies. I also designed and taught in the archaeology Honours program. I have knowledge of and experience in designing courses and programs of study at UG, Hons and MA levels; designing and implementing field-based training programs; and developing hands-on and engaged teaching activities.

Teaching Thoughts

Teaching is most exciting when it pushes both me and my students out of our comfort zones. I like to use my classroom to explore assumptions about the world and our place in it and to push students to consider the strong connections between past and present. My blue-sky vision (and constant frustration) is the need for better and more creative interdisciplinary teaching and learning structures within the university.

As a mentor, I’m most excited to talk about ways to de-centre the teacher in the classroom – putting students directly in charge of their own learning – and to develop assessment regimes which help students build and consolidate knowledge.

Contact Details:

Name: Catherine Frieman
School: School of Archaeology and Anthropology
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: (02) 6127 0054