Carol Hayes

Carol Hayes

A/Prof Carol Hayes

Associate Dean student experience

Teaching Profile

My teaching ranges from literature and cultural studies to Japanese language courses. I currently teach JPNS2012 Japanese 3, ASIA2304 What is Literature? Asian Perspectives and ASIA2058 Japanese Popular Culture: Manga, Anime, Film & the Visual Arts.

Teaching Thoughts

Teaching Japanese language and culture provides access to different ways of thinking about and seeing the world. I work hard to encourage my students to see the world through the eyes and words of others. I am particularly inspired by the way new technologies are bringing the world closer together and allowing teachers to help build more challenging learning environments allowing students to interact with peers around the world. As a teacher I actively champion innovative curricula development, online course content management and eLearning, using such activities as Digital Storytelling, online quizzing and testing; Vodcasts/podcasts, Voiceboards; live eChats and interactive LMS Wattle Course sites.

I have benefited from mentoring throughout my career and would like to share some of my experiences and serve as a sounding board for colleagues to explore new ideas about teaching and learning approaches.

Contact Details:

Name: A/Prof Carol Hayes
School: School of Culture, History and Language
College: College of Asia and the Pacific
Phone: (02) 6125 3983