Ashley Carruthers

Dr Ashley carruthers

Dr Hashley Carruthers


What type of areas do you teach in?
Migration, Globalisation, Field Schools

Teaching Thoughts

Our teaching, above and beyond our research, is our chance to change the world. We have the chance to contribute to shaping the worldviews of, over a career, thousands of talented young people who will go on to contribute to society, culture and humanity in all sorts of different fields. It's potentially where our biggest impact is as intellectuals.

What is your key approach to teaching?

I have more or less given up on traditional lectures/tutorials and now favour a more engaged mode of teaching. Much of my campus-based teaching uses a modified Team-Based Learning approach. My teaching in the Vietnam Field School really puts this method through its paces, delivering amazing experiences and learning outcomes for our ANU students.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Ashley Carruthers
School: School of Archaeology and Anthropology
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences