Alison Behie

Alison Behie

Dr Alison Behie

Biological Anthropologist

Teaching Profile

I am a Biological Anthropologist, and although currently on a DECRA Fellowship have taught across all areas of behaviour and evolution at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with a specific focus on primate behaviour, conservation and the response of humans and non-human primates to environmental change. I have also taught courses in statistics and research design in the past. In addition, I taught an overseas primate field school for five years.

Teaching Thoughts

My teaching philosophy is grounded in the fact that I believe the best teachers are those that are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and are able to help students discover what they are passionate about. Therefore, my role as a teacher is not only to provide students with relevant facts and information but to facilitate self-discovery and self-directed learning. By learning how to analyse material and solve problems, students can discover their own passions and strengths as well as develop skills required for life after graduation. This is why I am such a strong advocate for research-led education as bringing research passions into the classroom can both inspire the teacher to think outside the box about their own subject and inspire the student to engage with the ways that research intersects with all aspects of our lives.

Contact Details:

Name: Dr Alison Behie
College: College of Arts and Social Sciences
School: School of Archaeology and Anthropology